Is It Legal To Run Yellow / Red Lights or Block Traffic on the Expressway When Becoming a CDL Truck Driver?

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Having a job as a truck driver isn’t that easy. However, the challenge is worth the freedom and flexibility you have. With so many CDL jobs available, you can choose the right fit for your needs. And many have questions about the driver’s job. And one of them is why truck drivers run yellow or red lights. If you want to know more about this, read on!

Why do truck drivers run yellow and red lights?

Many might believe that truck drivers run red lights because they wish to save time. But this statement is very wrong. We must be aware that the timing in the lights is designed for cars. A fully loaded truck can’t stop in such a short time. Truck drivers need to make a tricky decision as soon as the light turns yellow. They already have a defined point of no return. 

Many will state that a truck has a total of ten brakes. However, the number of brakes isn’t a good indicator here. It is complicated to stop a loaded truck with brakes. There is not enough tire area in contact with the ground, so the braking capacity can’t do much here. Each brake has to work hard to stop 8,000 pounds of a full truck. Plus, the force of a sudden brake can damage the cargo. Whenever you spot a truck at an intersection, be sure they are deciding to enhance safety. 

Why do truck drivers take slow turns?

While other drivers might be bothered by this, truck drivers do everything to avoid danger. The truck must take turns slowly to prevent flipping over. Trucks have a high gravity center, especially when loaded. 

And let’s not forget about what sharp turns could do to the cargo. Some loads are stacked in boxes, which makes tipping easier. The boxes can easily crush, which can damage the products. We must not forget that truck drivers deliver the goods to their final destination and meet the client’s needs. A client can reject a load with damaged goods, so truck drivers should ensure the products are secure. The ramps and tight curves have a suggested speed. While no one else pays attention to these critical indicators, truck drivers do to ensure safety. The indicated speed is for cars, so truck drivers will go 10 mph slower to avoid tipping and damaging their load.

Why do trucks park on interstate ramps?

The truck driver’s working days are full of various challenges. And one of them is finding a parking spot. The trucking industry is heavily regulated about working hours, and there is a mandatory rest time. But, few know there is a truck parking shortage in the states. The truck parking and rest areas quickly get filled, and finding a vacant spot is rare. In such cases, drivers will find alternatives like off and on-ramps. Truck drivers don’t like to stop on interstate ramps, but they are obligated to. Even they don’t find it comfortable to sleep there since ramps have a decline or incline. And let’s not forget that drivers can receive a parking ticket there. 

Why don’t trucks change speed or move when another car is trying to merge?

Many might be bothered by the fact that tracks don’t move. But again, this is done for safety. When merging, a truck would have another car on its right side. This is where a truck has blind spots, so drivers are trained to stay in the current lane and maintain their speed. 


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