Texas Defers EV Charging Federal Funds Decision Over Plans to Include Tesla Plugs

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Texas has decided to postpone a vote on the allocation of federal funds for the construction of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations until August 16. This delay comes as some charging companies have expressed concerns about including Tesla’s technology in the charging stations, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

A spokesperson from the Texas Department of Transportation confirmed that the issue was removed from the July agenda at the discretion of the commissioners. However, the agenda for the August meeting has not yet been finalized. The outcome of the vote in Texas is of significant interest to the industry, as it could potentially influence similar decisions in other states.

In a previous report by Reuters, it was revealed that Texas intended to require EV charging companies to incorporate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) if they wanted access to a program that aims to electrify highways using federal funds. However, a group of EV charger manufacturers and operators objected to this plan, stating that they needed time to assess the compatibility of Tesla connectors with the U.S. standard Combined Charging System (CCS).

The vote had already been postponed from June 29 to Tuesday, with three members of the Texas transport commission, including the chairman, expressing the need to fully understand NACS and its implications before making a decision. One source, an executive from an EV charging company, speculated that the reason for the delay was the significant reaction within the industry, emphasizing the importance of handling this issue responsibly.

Texas holds considerable influence in shaping policies for other state transportation departments. Consequently, its decision on this matter could set a precedent. The executive highlighted the powerful clout that Texas possesses in this context.

Other states, such as Washington and Kentucky, have also considered similar plans. Kentucky has already mandated that EV charging companies include Tesla’s plug. While federal funding requires charging companies to support CCS, the adoption of Tesla’s technology by automakers like Ford and General Motors has prompted a growing number of automakers and charging companies to embrace this technology.

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