Next Generation BMW M3 and M4 Could be All Electric

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The future of the iconic BMW M3 and M4 models is currently at a pivotal moment, with BMW’s development team considering various powertrain options for the next generation, set to be released around 2027 or 2028. In early 2022, Frank Weber, BMW’s development boss, hinted that the new M3 could potentially go fully electric. However, the company’s global boss, Frank van Meel, has recently clarified their stance, stating that an electric M3/M4 platform will only be pursued if it can outperform the outgoing generation.

Van Meel explained the company’s approach, stating that the next M3 or M4 must surpass the current one in terms of performance. If this can be achieved through electric power, then an all-electric option is on the table. Otherwise, BMW will continue with a combustion engine. Their ultimate goal is to make it a pure electric model, but it will depend on technological advancements and performance capabilities.

Traditionally, every new M model must exceed its predecessor’s performance, which means that any new M3, regardless of being electric or conventional, would need to surpass the current generation’s 375kW and 650Nm output from the 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline six-cylinder petrol engine (internally coded as S58) powering the M3, M4, and the recently launched M2.

However, despite some speculation, van Meel dispelled the notion of offering multiple powertrain options, such as petrol, electric, or plug-in hybrid for the performance twins. The company is more inclined to focus on offering a single powertrain, but he didn’t entirely rule out the possibility of unforeseen changes in the future.

As for BMW’s existing electric models, they have already introduced some M Performance models, which are one tier below the full-fledged M lineup. These include the i4 M50 based on the petrol BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, the i5 M60 based on the new 5 Series, and the i7 M70 based on the 7 Series.

While the launch date for the next-generation BMW M3 sedan and M4 coupe is anticipated to be in 2027 or 2028, the exact direction they will take in terms of powertrain remains uncertain. BMW is determined to embrace electric technology if it can meet their performance expectations, but they will also remain open to other possibilities to ensure the next M3 and M4 are nothing short of exceptional.

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