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Rumor Mill: Alfa Romeo Supercar Could be Based on Hybridized Maserati MC20 w/800 HP

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The rumor mill is abuzz with exciting speculations about an upcoming Alfa Romeo supercar, as reported by Italian publication Quattroroute. According to the report, the high-performance vehicle is expected to incorporate a turbocharged hybrid powertrain, potentially based on Maserati’s MC20 engine. The Maserati MC20 is known for its Nettuno V6 engine, and in the Alfa Romeo supercar, this powerplant could be combined with at least one electric motor, resulting in a staggering power output of up to 800 horsepower, significantly more than the 621 hp found in the Maserati.

The publication further suggests that the new Alfa Romeo supercar could draw inspiration from classic racers like the legendary 33 Stradale, with a design element that integrates the doors and a portion of the roof. However, apart from this nod to the past, the vehicle is anticipated to be a wholly original creation, avoiding any resemblance to modernized or resto-modded designs.

Alfa Romeo has been quite secretive about this highly anticipated car, with only limited information available. The official announcement is scheduled for the end of the following month. The company’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, has intriguingly hinted at the new car’s exceptional nature, indicating that the demand is already so high that all units will likely be spoken for before the actual reveal. Imparato has even suggested that the car’s design might be so special that it could find a place “aside the 8C in the Museum of Arese,” highlighting its potential significance in automotive history.

Despite the excitement, some skepticism remains about the legitimacy of these rumors. Maserati had previously stated that the Nettuno engine would remain exclusive to its vehicles, but this stance seemed to change when the engine found its way into the Grecale Trofeo. As a result, the Nettuno engine is no longer as exclusive as originally claimed, leading to speculation that Alfa Romeo could potentially have access to it as well. However, it is also plausible that Maserati might not want to share its engine with a rival or sibling automaker, especially if the Alfa Romeo supercar is set to outperform Maserati’s own offerings.


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