Environmentally Friendly Commercial Transportation: Cummins and Hyliion Receive CARB Certification for Hypertruck ERX Electric Powertrain

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Hyliion Holdings Corp. and Cummins Inc. have achieved a significant environmental milestone in the realm of commercial transportation. The two companies proudly announced that they have received the Dual Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for their Hypertruck ERX powertrain, in combination with the Cummins ISX12N engine. This certification marks a crucial step in the effort to commercialize the Hypertruck ERX powertrain and offer a sustainable solution to customers with environmental concerns.

Thomas Healy, the Founder and CEO of Hyliion, emphasized the importance of this certification. He stated, “This certification is pivotal to commercializing our Hypertruck ERX powertrain and enables us to provide our customers with a solution that supports their sustainability goals.” Healy emphasized that this achievement represents not only an environmental certification but also a testament to the commitment to innovation, sustainability, and industry leadership shared by both Hyliion and Cummins.

The Hypertruck ERX is an innovative electric range extender powertrain that leverages the Cummins natural gas engine as an onboard generator to recharge the batteries. This unique system offers an impressive 75 miles of electric range, meeting California emissions standards to qualify as a Near Zero Emission Vehicle (NZEV) under CARB’s ACT and ACF rulings. However, when the generator is utilized, the Hypertruck ERX system can achieve an impressive total range of up to 1,000 miles, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure of nearly 700 natural gas fueling stations across the nation.

J. Michael Taylor, General Manager, Propulsion Systems Strategy at Cummins Inc., expressed excitement about collaborating with Hyliion to achieve this certification. He said, “Working with Hyliion to achieve this certification is a milestone in providing another solution towards lowering emissions.” Taylor emphasized that their combined technologies offer customers a valuable way to achieve sustainability goals in the commercial transportation sector.

Customers eager to embrace environmentally friendly transportation solutions will soon have the opportunity to do so, as initial deliveries of the Hypertruck ERX powertrain with the ISX12N Cummins natural gas engine are scheduled to take place before the end of the year. Hyliion is already accepting orders for this innovative system.

Hyliion’s mission is to reduce the carbon intensity and greenhouse gas emissions of commercial vehicles by providing electrified solutions. Their technology not only helps decrease fuel and operating expenses for fleets but also seamlessly integrates with existing fleet operations. With a commitment to scalable innovation, Hyliion aims to transform the environmental impact of the commercial transportation industry.

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