Mercedes-Maybach Poised to Take on Bentley and Rolls-Royce with Coachbuilt, Bespoke Models

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Mercedes-Maybach, the epitome of luxury and exclusivity within the Mercedes-Benz lineup, is gearing up for a new era, one that places it in direct competition with esteemed rivals Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The historic Maybach name, known for its opulence and prestige, is set to undergo a transformation into what is being described as a “coachbuilt super-Mercedes,” taking personalization to unprecedented heights, according to an unnamed senior representative as reported by Car and Driver.

With its current portfolio consisting of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Maybach GLS, and Maybach EQS SUV, the brand already enjoys a strong position in the luxury market. However, Mercedes-Maybach has ambitious plans to elevate its standing even further by introducing a range of ultra-exclusive and bespoke vehicles, including “Myth” and “Legend” cars. These models are touted as limited-run or “one-of-one” creations commissioned by discerning customers, and one of the first anticipated releases is a Mercedes-Maybach SL.

Based on the existing Mercedes-AMG SL platform, the Maybach treatment is expected to transform this two-seater sports car into a more comfort-oriented grand tourer, focusing on heightened refinement, comfort, and luxury. A glimpse of what’s to come was provided over a year ago when Mercedes teased a Maybach SL, showcasing a classic Mercedes grille, sumptuous red paintwork, and a black-painted hood adorned with the distinctive Maybach pattern. Chief Design Officer Gordon Wagener noted that a Maybach SL would cater to customers seeking a sophisticated luxury driving and design experience, positioning itself as a rival to the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner.

These upcoming Maybach models will not merely receive cosmetic enhancements; they will feature exclusive “made to measure” bodies and unique body panels, akin to the world of automotive couture. Although they may not reach the same level of customization as Rolls-Royce’s Droptail models, the emphasis on bespoke craftsmanship is clear.

Additionally, the forthcoming flagship sedan, based on the advanced MB.EA-L platform, will boast a model-specific cabin, complete with a unique hyperscreen and exclusive detailing. The introduction of “Legend” cars is poised to propel the Maybach brand even closer to the rarified territory occupied by Rolls-Royce, with price tags exceeding seven figures, emphasizing rarity, performance, and unadulterated luxury.

Beyond these exceptional vehicles, Mercedes has its sights set on technological advancements, aiming to enhance self-driving software and hardware while striving for electric vehicle fast-charging in under five minutes. As Markus Schafer, Mercedes’ Chief Technology Officer, expressed to Car and Driver magazine, their vision of luxury revolves around providing the ultimate quality time on the go, embracing carbon neutrality, stress reduction, immediate responsiveness, and delivering a truly unique experience.


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