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There are often certain things in life that we take for granted until we find ourselves with those certain things. Over the course of the past couple of months in restoring a project vehicle for a special high school student, we found that not having the proper floor mats installed was a major oversight that needed to be addressed, or we could end up having a vehicle without properly protected carpets that were fleshly shampooed, in addition to creating a potentially hazardous condition for the driver. So, we set out to resolve this situation once and for all and not waste time test-fitting the countless floor mats that you find on the current market.

Our Project Vehicle Gets the Finishing Interior Touch

We set out to take on a project of slightly restoring an older Lexus RX 330, but one of the finishing items that we didn’t consider was the installation of floor mats. Something as simple as floor mats may have been a temporary oversight, but simply installing any floor mat was not going to cut it. We wanted the newish carpet floors to remain clean and not repeat a case of the driver having to deal with mats that slide everywhere and potentially finding themselves logged over or under the brake and accelerator pedals. That’s just not how we roll.

Every WeatherTech FloorLiner is Uniquely Pre-cut and Fitted to Your Specific Vehicle Make and Model

Giving a quick thought to solving the floor mat issue, we looked to installing OEM mats, which seemed like they would eventually become soiled and dirty over the course of just a few weeks with a high school student. So, we eventually wised up and considered going the route of floor liners. However, we’ve seen many floor liners and how they have a poor fit and end up being just as bad as poorly-fitted carpet mats that were not originally designed for the vehicle. We were left with just a few options, but in seeing the countless WeatherTech commercials, we thought we would give the American brand a try for their laser cut FloorLiner product line.

Placing the order for the new FloorLiners from WeatherTech designed specifically for our vehicle had us thinking that we would be waiting months for the liners to be cut to order. To our surprise, the liners, along with a vehicle-specific cargo mat that we ordered, arrived within a week of placing the order, all packaged neatly in their WeatherTech branded boxes. Surprisingly, the boxes felt light, where the FloorLiners were not as heavy as we thought, which appeared not to play down the quality of the liner but to demonstrate the precise sizing that fit the floors of our project vehicle perfectly.

The only issue we encountered was that the back seat bench FloorLiner required some cutting along the center area to slide it under the movable center console, which was a rather unique feature of the Lexus RX 330 for several years. The cut only took a minute, and we were in business to properly fit the mat across the back seat floor and secure it using the OEM mat hooks. Such an issue may have been an oversight by WeatherTech, and we will be sure to reach out to them about the minor fitment problem.

Overall, the WeatherTech FloorLiners fit like a glove and improve the quality of our interior in knowing that the floors and carpeting is protected from the elements. Moreover, the initial look is taken to a new premium level with the appealing, clean look and precise fitment of the liners. Not to mention, we’re not worried about the safety of the driver’s, mat where some inferior mats may slide around.

About WeatherTech

Founded in 1989, WeatherTech has earned a sterling reputation for its commitment to crafting vehicle interiors that are both functional and stylish. The company’s secret to success lies in its adept use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, which enables precise and efficient mat production.

One standout feature of WeatherTech mats is the laser-measured precision for each mat, where it is meticulously crafted to safeguard every nook and cranny of your vehicle’s footwell, from the front to the back and even the sides. This meticulous approach ensures that your vehicle remains well-protected, under the conditions and items that you end up ‘throwing’ at your vehicle’s floor.

The mats are designed to channel fluids and debris away from your shoes and into a lower reservoir, thereby keeping your footwear clean and dry. While a conventional rubber mat might cause water to pool, WeatherTech’s design helps effectively mitigate this issue.

WeatherTech’s commitment to precision, innovation, and functionality makes their mats an excellent investment for anyone looking to protect their vehicle’s interior from dirt, mud, snow, and grime. Whether you’re driving in the city or navigating rugged terrains, WeatherTech mats provide the peace of mind and durability you need to keep your vehicle’s interior in top-notch condition.

The Final Thought

We’re elated to have had the opportunity to install and experience WeatherTech’s FloorLiners in our project vehicle. After witnessing the tidy fitment, durability, and improved appeal to the interior, we’re ready to place another order and equip other vehicles of ours with the unique FloorLiners. We finally get to witness firsthand how no one does it like WeatherTech when it comes to properly fitting FloorLiners at the price of around $199 for a full set.


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