Next Porsche Panamera Interior Revealed with Screens Galore

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The upcoming Porsche Panamera boasts an interior that embodies sophistication, cutting-edge technology, and a luxurious ambiance. The German automaker has left no stone unturned in crafting an interior that’s at the forefront of modern automotive design, featuring an array of digital touchscreen displays.

At the heart of this new interior is what Porsche aptly dubs the “Porsche Driver Experience.” This concept, initially introduced with the all-electric Taycan, seeks to create a driving environment that is both intuitive and exhilarating. As you settle into the driver’s seat, you’ll notice that almost all the essential controls are thoughtfully placed on or close to the steering wheel, ensuring easy access. This design philosophy is intended to simplify the operation of the new Panamera in all driving scenarios, even during spirited drives.

The most eye-catching feature is the trio of large screens that grace the Panamera’s dashboard. The first is a 12.6-inch curved digital cluster directly in front of the driver, housing essential gauges and controlled via the steering wheel. It also integrates the mode switch for selecting various driving modes. If the vehicle is equipped with the optional head-up display, you can control it from the steering wheel as well. To the right of the steering wheel, you’ll find a gear selector toggle and a Park button, eliminating the need for a traditional gear lever in the center console.

The center console, adorned with Porsche’s touchscreen infotainment system, features another widescreen display. The system showcases horizontal rows of icons in the center, and a vertical set on the left for seamless navigation across the various screens. Beneath the central screen, you’ll discover a combination of physical buttons, haptic buttons, and a dial, all within easy reach of the driver. The efficiency and intuitiveness of these touchpoints will be tested in real-world driving situations. In addition, the interior boasts electrically adjustable air vents, although the benefits of these over traditional manual vents remain to be seen.

For the passenger seated on the far right, there’s a third screen that mirrors many of the central screen’s infotainment functions. Both these touch-sensitive displays are framed with shiny black plastic, which, while stylish, may attract fingerprint smudges between cleaning sessions.

The overall interior design strikes a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and practicality, complemented by ample ambient lighting and techy trim materials. The red seats and door trim in the showcased interior don’t feature traditional leather, highlighting Porsche’s commitment to innovative materials.

Even rear-seat passengers aren’t left out, as they can enjoy their own digital display situated on the console that separates the seating area.

The full unveiling of the next-generation Porsche Panamera is scheduled for November 24, promising more insights into the powertrain options, including gasoline and hybrid choices. The top-tier option could be the Turbo E-Hybrid powertrain, potentially offering 700 or more horsepower. As the Panamera’s interior embraces the future with an abundance of screens and streamlined controls, Porsche enthusiasts and automotive aficionados alike eagerly anticipate its official debut.


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