You Will Soon Be Able To Buy a New Hyundai on Amazon

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Many of us want to take to the Internet to buy a new car. Well, as it turns out, in an innovative move set to reshape the car-buying experience, Hyundai has forged a groundbreaking partnership with the e-commerce giant Amazon to sell vehicles on Amazon. Starting in 2024, customers shopping on Amazon’s US platform will find a surprising addition to their virtual carts – the option to purchase a brand-new Hyundai.

The announcement was made by Hyundai Motor Company’s President and CEO, Jaehoon Chang, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, emphasizing Hyundai’s pioneering status as the first automotive company to facilitate full end-to-end transactions on Amazon’s platform. Chang expressed excitement about this collaboration, highlighting the ongoing commitment to enhancing the customer journey in tandem with retail partners.

So, how will this unique car-buying process unfold? Dealerships will be granted the ability to list their inventories on Amazon, allowing prospective buyers to peruse a range of options. Customers can then fine-tune their searches based on model, trim, color, and features. Once the desired vehicle is selected, buyers can proceed to choose their preferred payment and financing methods. After completing the transaction, purchasers will face the decision of either picking up their new Hyundai or opting for dealership delivery.

While Hyundai has not disclosed the finer details of the Amazon vehicle purchasing process, the introduction of this initiative marks a significant step toward streamlining the car-buying process. It leverages the convenience and efficiency of online shopping, aligning with the evolving preferences of consumers.

Moreover, Hyundai’s collaboration with Amazon extends beyond merely selling cars on the platform. In 2025, Hyundai plans to integrate Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, into its vehicles. This incorporation will provide drivers with hands-free voice controls for various tasks, such as playing media, setting reminders, and checking calendars. Additionally, those with Amazon smart home devices will gain the ability to control their home systems directly from their Hyundai vehicles.

The program announcement also suggests that Hyundai’s groundbreaking venture is just the beginning. In 2024, other auto dealers will join the fray, allowing them to sell vehicles on Amazon’s US store, with Hyundai being the inaugural brand available for customer purchases.

This collaboration between Hyundai and Amazon represents a significant shift in the automotive retail landscape. By seamlessly blending internet sales with the traditional dealership model, the initiative not only simplifies the car-buying process for consumers but also provides dealers with a fixed price, eliminating the haggling often associated with purchasing a vehicle through traditional means. As technology continues to reshape industries, Hyundai’s move with Amazon signifies a forward-thinking approach to meet evolving consumer expectations.


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