Rare Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Coming Up for Auction

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The highly coveted Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, an ultra-exclusive, top-speed-record-holding hypercar, is set to hit the auction block, marking a rare opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire one of only eight units believed to have reached American soil out of a limited worldwide production run of 30. The vehicle, presented as example number 9, is scheduled for auction at Bonhams Scottsdale on January 25.

With a remarkably low mileage of just 256 miles, of which 250 were accumulated during pre-delivery testing by Bugatti, this particular Chiron SS 300+ stands out as a marvel. The vehicle’s original asking price of just under $4 million is now deemed a bargain, especially considering its scarcity and unique specifications, one of which being associated with the record-setting prototype that achieved a speed of 304.773 mph in 2019, making it the fastest production vehicle in the world. Despite being electronically limited to 273.4 mph as it sits, it remains highly sought after for its exclusivity.

Bonhams estimates a price range of $5 million to $5.5 million for this exclusive hypercar. Comparisons to a previous auction where a similar model with 1,416 miles sold for nearly £4.2 million (approximately $5.33 million at current exchange rates) suggest that the expected price range is reasonable. The rarity of this Chiron SS 300+ and its pristine condition, having covered minimal mileage since assembly, could potentially drive the final auction price even higher.

Notably, this marks the first time a Chiron Super Sport 300+ has been offered for sale in the United States, adding to its allure for collectors and automotive enthusiasts. Given that the entire production run of the regular Chiron, totaling 500 cars, has been sold out since July 2022, the chance to acquire such a limited edition hypercar is indeed a rare opportunity.


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