New Car Preview: 2026 Bugatti Tourbillon Introduced with 1,800-HP Hybrid V-16 Powertrain

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Bugatti’s forthcoming flagship, the 2026 Tourbillon, gets official today marking a big leap forward from its predecessors like the Chiron, boasting a groundbreaking hybrid V-16 powertrain that delivers a staggering 1,800 horsepower. This new hypercar features an 8.3-liter naturally aspirated engine developed with Cosworth, capable of revving to 9,000 RPM and producing 1,000 horsepower on its own. Despite its size, this engine weighs just 555 pounds, lighter than the previous W-16 it replaces, and generates 664 pound-feet of torque.

What sets the Tourbillon apart is its hybrid system, incorporating a front e-axle with two electric motors and an additional motor at the rear. These elements, combined with a 25 kWh centrally-mounted battery pack, contribute an extra 800 horsepower to the mix. This hybrid setup propels the Tourbillon from 0 to 62 mph in an astonishing 2.0 seconds, showcasing its formidable acceleration capabilities.

Bugatti ensures that the Tourbillon remains agile and efficient despite its hybrid components, even claiming it to be lighter than the Chiron. The car can operate in electric mode for approximately 37 miles, showcasing its dual capability as both a high-performance hypercar and a practical city cruiser.

Beyond its power and efficiency, the Tourbillon embodies Bugatti’s dedication to craftsmanship and luxury. Its interior features analog instrumentation crafted by Switch watchmakers, with a deliberate absence of screens except for a concealed digital display for essentials like Apple CarPlay. The exterior design maintains Bugatti’s iconic aesthetics with aerodynamic enhancements like a rear wing that doubles as an airbrake, underscoring its performance-oriented design.

CEO Mate Rimac emphasizes the Tourbillon’s adherence to Bugatti’s storied heritage and uncompromising standards, setting a new benchmark in hypercar innovation. Scheduled for release in 2026 with only 250 units planned, each starting at 3.6 million Euros, the Tourbillon promises to redefine automotive excellence with its blend of power, technology, and timeless design.


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