Next-Generation Dodge Charger Appears on Social Media

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Dodge has recently unveiled a sneak peek of the upcoming next-generation Charger through a series of photos posted on social media. The American automaker has set the stage with an intriguing message accompanying the images: “No cameras or recording devices permitted. Pre-production model shown. Available late 2024.”

The images showcase what is purported to be the actual next-generation Dodge Charger in its pre-production form. One of the photos reveals a partially camouflaged upper front fascia, adding an element of mystery to the overall design. However, the complete view of the car remains partially obscured and we don’t get an answer as to if this is the electrified Dodge Charger or one that will feature a new gas or hybrid powertrain. Dodge has already confirmed bring us an EV-powered Charger and the rumors of the twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder engine are still circulating. If we could get a picture of the rear to identify exhaust pipes we would confirm if this new-age American muscle car is a full EV or something else. Our bet is that it is ‘something else’ that burns gas.

Dodge has taken the unconventional step of sharing these photos with the public, creating an air of anticipation and a lot of speculation. Either way, we’re happy to share them and get everyone excited for what will replace the outgoing Dodge Challenger and Charger.

EDIT/UPDATE: We saw Dodge later added a photo of the rear of the new Charger, which has no visible exhaust pipes, which makes us believe this is an electric vehicle – maybe…


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