Next-Generation Dodge Charger Coupe Body Structure Confirms Combustion-Powered Version

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Recently, the rumor mill stirred with whispers about the forthcoming Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV having a combustion-powered counterpart, and now, thanks to leaked images from a Stellantis factory, these speculations have been substantiated. These intriguing visuals, courtesy of the Daytona Owners forum, come without a comprehensive backstory, but they unveil compelling insights into what’s in store.

First and foremost, the images unmistakably showcase the silhouette of a two-door coupe. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this coupe’s design is poised to incorporate a hatchback feature, reminiscent of the electric concept introduced a year ago. Remarkably, it exhibits striking resemblance to the concept vehicle, which had been explicitly touted as a precursor to a tangible production model.

Scrutinizing the details further, the images reveal arrangements for a transmission tunnel and driveline, affirming the presence of an engine bay in the front end, or, in the case of an electric version, a “frunk” space at the front. Notably, there’s a noticeable recess suggesting a gas cap, reinforcing our suspicions that a combustion engine option is indeed in the works. However, what piques curiosity is the absence of space for a traditional battery pack on the floor.

This leads to two possible scenarios: the Charger coupe may solely be available as a combustion-powered vehicle, or the electric components may need to be ingeniously integrated above each axle, showcasing Dodge’s commitment to hybrid or electric technology. The latter option suggests a unique engineering approach to balancing the car’s performance.

On the topic of the roof, it appears that earlier whispers about a panoramic glass panel have merit. This feature is expected to be offered as an optional addition, potentially providing a more immersive and spacious driving experience for those who opt for it. For now, we’ll just have to wait to see the official reveal of the next-gen Dodge Charger Coupe, in whatever flavor it may come in – rest assured it will have millions of eyes on it.


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