Dash Cams ‘exploding in popularity’ as Study Reveals one-third of Car Buyers Want One in Their Next Car

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Dash cams are rapidly gaining popularity among prospective car buyers, with a recent study by AutoPacific revealing that approximately one-third of individuals intending to purchase a vehicle in the coming years express a desire to have one installed in their next car. According to Robby DeGraff, an analyst at AutoPacific, this surge in demand is driven by the perceived safety benefits offered by dash cams, which can be obtained for a relatively modest investment.

The study, which surveyed over 11,700 potential car buyers, found that the appeal of dash cams transcends various demographic factors, including powertrains, vehicle segments, age groups, and genders. While some enthusiasts may use dash cams to document adventurous off-roading or racing endeavors, the primary motivation for many everyday drivers is the assurance of enhanced safety on the road.

With road fatalities remaining a concern, consumers increasingly view dash cams as a worthwhile investment in protecting themselves and their vehicles. Additionally, the proliferation of dash cam footage on social media platforms highlights their utility in capturing and sharing noteworthy driving moments. Such situations, such as in the case of road rage incidents, can be captured and provided as evidence for insurance companies and in courts of law to prove one’s innocence or guilt.

Despite concerns about privacy and cybersecurity risks associated with dash cams, particularly as they incorporate artificial intelligence, the demand for these devices remains robust. Automakers like Toyota and BMW are integrating dash cams into select models, further solidifying their mainstream appeal.

Although the percentage of new-vehicle intenders interested in dash cams slightly declined from previous years, they still rank among the top desired features, underscoring their enduring relevance in the automotive market. Alongside advancements like LED fog lights and wireless charging pads, dash cams continue to be valued for their potential to enhance safety and provide peace of mind to drivers.

Source: AutoNews (subscription required), AutoPacific


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