Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro Dashcam Review – An Essential Item on Today’s Uncertain Roads

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American roads have become rather dangerous, and many times when an incident occurs, you’re thankful for a second set of eyes that is there to witness the occurrence for many reasons to support your side of the story. This is when a dashcam comes in handy and has essentially become a necessity considering how wild and uncertain our roads have become.

Recently, we got our hands on the Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro Dashcam, one of countless offerings on the market. During our time and experience with the Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro Dashcam we came away with some thoughts on its excellent video quality but also have an issue with the rather large size of the dashcam – I suppose this is the compromise in opting for a dashcam with 4K video quality. The other minor issue was that this large dashcam requires a constant 12-volts to keep running, which means if you use some USB ports on your computer or ones that don’t output 12 volts, the dashcam will only power up for a minute or so and then shut down and restart, constantly. This wasn’t such an issue after finding out that my USB ports didn’t have the sufficient power like your cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicle will have – those have constant 12 volts of power!

One of the standout features of this dashcam is its new mobile app, which is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The app allows users to easily control and configure the device, enhancing the overall user experience. However, despite the convenience of the app, the installation of the dashcam can be challenging, primarily due to its large size. It is relatively larger compared to other dashcams available in the market, which might not be suitable for all car setups.

The Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro offers the essential features expected from a dashcam without unnecessary complications. Vantrue has established itself as a reputable dashcam provider, making the Nexus 4 Pro a compelling option for those seeking a 4K camera for their car.

When you unbox the Nexus 4 Pro, you’ll find a well-packaged kit that includes the main unit with front and rear cameras, a GPS mounting unit, spare 3M adhesives, static sheets for cleaner mounting, power and data cables, a dust-free cloth, and a plastic crowbar for cable management. The rear camera is optional but recommended for monitoring traffic behind your vehicle.

The Nexus 4 Pro has two cameras on the main unit. The front-facing camera features a Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 8M CMOS sensor, delivering 4K (3840×2160) footage, while the other two cameras offer 1080p resolution, all at 30 FPS. Wide-angle lenses provide a broad field of view, with 155 degrees for the front camera, 160 degrees for the interior camera, and 165 degrees for the rear camera. HDR mode enhances footage quality, ensuring clarity in various lighting conditions.

The rear camera benefits from Sony STARVIS 2MP night vision sensors and HDR, making it effective at capturing license plate details even in low-light situations. Additional features of the dashcam include extreme temperature protection, parking monitor support, and voice command functionality in multiple languages. It also features built-in 5GHz wireless networking, USB Type-C data connectivity, and support for up to 512GB microSD cards.

The main dashcam unit includes four dual-purpose buttons for basic control, but most settings adjustments are done through the mobile app. The 3.19-inch IPS display contributes to the overall size of the unit, which measures 4.56 by 3.34 inches with the mount. The smaller rear camera is compact at 2.44 by 0.59 inches. The GPS mount offers magnetic attachment for easy positioning adjustments.

One unique feature of the Nexus 4 Pro is its use of supercapacitors instead of batteries, providing longer lifespan and better performance in extreme temperatures. To mount the main unit, a static sheet is recommended to be placed on the windshield for cleaner adhesive application.

Despite the comprehensive list of settings, the user interface remains user-friendly and easy to navigate. Once connected via the app or USB to a PC, users can easily access and download relevant footage to their phones. Additionally, the GPS data can be synchronized with the video files for detailed analysis using the Vantrue Player software available for both Windows and Mac.

While the Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro offers impressive 4K video quality and a feature-rich mobile app, its relatively large size and mounting challenges may be off-putting to some users. Choosing the Nexus 4 Pro primarily depends on your specific need for 4K video recording in your car, even though there is the availability of smaller and more compact dashcam options from the same manufacturer. Still, the Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro packs in a lot of features and exceptionally good video quality.


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