Nissan to Launch 30 New Vehicles Worldwide by 2027, 16 Will be EVs

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Nissan has outlined an ambitious plan to roll out 30 new models worldwide by March 2027, with a sharp focus on electric vehicles (EVs). This announcement is part of its updated medium-term business strategy aimed at boosting global sales by 1 million vehicles while simultaneously enhancing profitability through cost-cutting measures.

The Japanese automaker, historically recognized for its groundbreaking all-battery-powered Leaf, acknowledges the need to catch up in the rapidly evolving EV market, where competitors like Tesla and BYD have taken the lead. To address this, Nissan aims to have electrified vehicles, including hybrids, constitute 60% of its global sales by the end of the decade, reflecting an increase from its previous goal of 55%.

In a bid to stay competitive, Nissan is also considering strategic collaborations with domestic rivals like Honda, particularly in crucial areas such as EV components. This move underscores the industry’s recognition of the necessity for partnerships to navigate the challenges of technological advancement and market demands effectively.

Out of the 30 new models slated for release over the next three years, Nissan plans for 16 to be electrified. Additionally, the company is committed to slashing the cost of the next generation of EVs by 30% by 2030, aiming to align their affordability with traditional internal combustion engine models.

Nissan’s strategy reflects a determined effort to reclaim its position as a significant player in the global automotive market, particularly in the rapidly expanding EV segment. By prioritizing innovation, cost efficiency, and strategic partnerships, Nissan aims to carve out a competitive edge in an increasingly dynamic and electrified automotive landscape.


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