Shelby American Announces 2024 Super Snake with Up to 830+ Horsepower

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Shelby American’s announcement of the 2024 Super Snake has ignited excitement in the automotive and Ford Mustang world. Unveiled at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson stage in Palm Beach, Florida, this limited edition powerhouse promises to be a game-changer. Boasting over 830 horsepower, the Super Snake is positioned as the epitome of Shelby’s performance legacy.

The collaboration between Shelby American, Ford Motor Company, and other top-tier manufacturers has birthed a masterpiece. Rooted in the iconic Ford Mustang platform, this iteration of the Super Snake embodies Carroll Shelby’s vision of continual improvement. With both 480 and 830+ horsepower variants available, it promises supercar-level performance.

The Super Snake’s lineage traces back to the legendary Mark IV Ford GT, which triumphed at Le Mans in 1966. This heritage inspires the relentless pursuit of performance excellence. Through meticulous engineering, every aspect of the Super Snake has been refined to perfection. From enhanced suspension for sharper handling to a meticulously tuned exhaust system, every component serves to elevate the driving experience.

This latest iteration marks a significant milestone for Shelby American, as it’s the first based on the new S650 Ford Mustang platform. By incorporating advanced materials like carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, the team has achieved an optimal balance of weight and performance. The result is a vehicle that not only accelerates fiercely but also handles with precision.

Beyond raw power, the 2024 Super Snake epitomizes sophistication and functionality. Its striking design turns heads while its performance capabilities rival European counterparts at a fraction of the cost. With only 250 units available in the US, exclusivity is guaranteed.

Each Super Snake is meticulously documented in the official Shelby Registry, ensuring its authenticity and heritage. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, owners can relish the thrill of driving a true American icon.

The 2024 Shelby Super Snake represents the pinnacle of American performance engineering. With its breathtaking power, meticulous craftsmanship, and limited availability, it’s poised to leave an indelible mark on automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

2024 Shelby Super Snake Specifications

Performance and Powertrain:                                                                                

  • 830+ horsepower supercharger system
  • Shelby extreme cooling system (radiator, heat exchanger)
  • Shelby by Borla exhaust system
  • Performance half shafts
  • Short throw shifter (manual only)
  • One piece drive shaft (manual only)
  • Hardened extended wheel studs, open ended lug nuts
  • Shelby suspension system
  • 20” forged magnesium wheels with Shelby performance spec tires
  • Shelby brake rotor upgrade


  • Shelby spec interior upgrade
  • Embroidered floor mats
  • Cobra puddle lamps
  • Shelby shifter ball (manual only)
  • Super Snake door sill plates
  • Serialized dash plaque and engine plaque
  • Engine cap set
  • Convertible light bar (convertible only)


  • Super Snake aluminum vented hood with hood pins
  • Carbon fiber hood extractors
  • Carbon fiber Wide Body front fenders with vents
  • Wide Body front fascia assembly
    • Wide Body front bumper
    • Upper, lower, outboard grilles
    • Front splitter supports
    • Lower front splitter
    • Carbon fiber splitter wickers
  • Side rocker assembly
  • Carbon fiber rocker wickers
  • Rear ducktail spoiler
  • Carbon fiber Super Snake rear wing (fastback only)
  • Carbon fiber rear lower diffuser
  • Super Snake stripes and badges
  • Deep tinted windows (per state regulations)

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