Genesis Seeks to Gain Independence from Hyundai

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Genesis has achieved autonomy from Hyundai in the United States, marking a major milestone in its journey to compete with global luxury brands. Claudia Marquez, COO of Genesis North America, expressed pride in the brand’s progress and optimism for its future during a conversation with Automotive News. Marquez highlighted the success of the brand’s national advertising efforts, which have resulted in the “highest awareness positioning ever.” This heightened visibility has contributed to 17 consecutive months of sales growth, signaling promising prospects for Genesis in the competitive luxury market.

Despite being a young brand, Genesis recognizes the importance of strategic investment, particularly in brand awareness. Marquez emphasized the need to match competitors’ brand awareness levels within six years, especially as the company moves toward its 2030 electrification goals. Ash Corson, Director of Product Planning for Genesis USA, acknowledged the challenge of introducing the brand to new consumers but expressed confidence in Genesis’s products to resonate once experienced firsthand.

Claudia Marquez, COO of Genesis North America

Genesis’s workforce has expanded significantly since Marquez’s arrival in 2021, reflecting the brand’s growth trajectory. Strategic hires, including industry professionals like Drew Slaven, have strengthened the company’s capabilities in regional sales goals and advertising strategies. The introduction of new models, such as the fully electric GV60, has diversified Genesis’s lineup, with plans to focus exclusively on electric vehicles post-2025.

The separation from Hyundai dealerships has been instrumental in elevating Genesis’s image and customer experience. Marquez noted that luxury buyers prefer dedicated dealership experiences, which were compromised when Genesis and Hyundai dealerships were combined. The introduction of the Magma performance sub-brand, coupled with consistent sales growth, positions Genesis as a formidable competitor to established luxury marques like Cadillac and BMW.


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