TRW Performance Does Resto-Modded “Supercat” 600-HP Jaguar XJS Recreation with Manual Transmission

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TRW Performance has joined the ranks of firms capitalizing on the resto-modding trend by unveiling their take on the classic Jaguar XJS, dubbed the “Supercat.” Departing from its original form, this revamped XJS bears only a passing resemblance to its predecessor, featuring a more aggressive aesthetic accentuated by a body kit comprising a front splitter, wheel arch flares reminiscent of Group B rally cars, a rear spoiler, and an integrated diffuser.

Modern LED lights adorn both ends, while center-locking wheels provide a contemporary touch. To ensure agility, carbon fiber is utilized for the body panels, emphasizing a commitment to weight reduction.

While interior details remain undisclosed, TWR promises extensive customization options. Under the hood lies the heart of the Supercat: a supercharged V12 engine delivering a robust 600 horsepower paired with a coveted six-speed manual transmission. The journey to this point has been a meticulous one, encompassing over two years of development and rigorous real-world testing.

Anticipation builds for the Supercat’s dynamic debut slated for the summer of 2024, with speculation pointing to its unveiling at esteemed events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. With production limited to a mere 88 units worldwide and starting prices at £225,000 before taxes (approximately $281,500), prospective buyers are urged to act swiftly. Notably, the Supercat’s development prioritizes the international market, underlining a deliberate effort to cater to diverse automotive enthusiasts.

For those seeking alternatives, TWR hints at forthcoming resto-mod projects, maintaining an air of mystery regarding their future endeavors. As a tribute to its origins, the Supercat breathes new life into the iconic XJS, reaffirming its status as a timeless classic reborn for the modern era.


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