Awful ‘Carolina Squat’ Truck Modification To Be Banned in SC

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Starting May 10, law enforcement in South Carolina will be cracking down on a controversial vehicle modification known as the “Carolina Squat.” This adjustment involves lifting the front end of a vehicle without raising the rear, resulting in a tilted appearance. Despite being prohibited for months, warnings were previously issued, but now tickets will be handed out.

Described by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety as a vehicle with one fender raised four or more inches higher than the other, squatting alters the balance of the vehicle, potentially compromising safety. This modification, more commonly seen on trucks and SUVs, can obstruct the driver’s view of the road, posing risks to other road users like cyclists and pedestrians. Additionally, improperly adjusted headlights may dazzle oncoming drivers.

Lawmakers, spanning political affiliations, united in banning the Carolina Squat due to these safety concerns. Similar bans have already been implemented in neighboring states like North Carolina and Virginia, with Tennessee following suit by outlawing the local variant, the “Tennessee Tilt.” Interestingly, the response to the ban in Tennessee was met with less resistance than anticipated, unlike in South Carolina.

Despite the ban being announced in November 2023, a six-month grace period was provided for drivers to adjust their vehicles. However, as of May 10, enforcement will escalate, with fines starting at $100 for first-time offenders, escalating to $200 for second offenses, and culminating in a $300 fine and a one-year license suspension for third-time offenders.

The move to prohibit the Carolina Squat reflects a commitment to road safety and ensuring vehicles meet appropriate standards, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper vehicle balance and visibility for all road users.


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