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Constant Craving: Tommy Kaira “Ebbrezza-R” NISSAN GT-R R35

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Tommy Kaira “Ebbrezza-R” NISSAN GT-R R35 makes a big splash in the JDM aftermarket, shocks felt around the world…

Making its debut at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon the Tommy Kaira “Ebbrezza-R” demo car offered Nissan R35 (GT-R) enthusiasts a taste of what the future of Nissan GT-R styling has in store…that is for the select few that can actually afford to acquire this very unique vehicle styling package.

Taking into account the Nissan GT-R’s elusive nature (reportedly Nissan can only output 1000 units per month to fill orders taken world-wide: among the 700 or so GT-R Certified Nissan dealers in the United States, only 300 GT-R units are allocated for 2011) and at a suggested retail price starting around $85,000 (rumours abound that the GT-R will only be offered in the premium package), acquisition of this body kit will make your rare GT-R even rarer still and catapult you into the realm of the exotic car elite.

Originally retailing at a suggested price of 1,680,000 yen (~ $19,000.00 US) for the Full Ebbrezza-R (version 1) and now 1,260,000 yen (~$14,000.00 U.S. dollars) for the newer, recently released Tommy Kaira Ebbrezza-R Aero Version 2, the kit is likely out of reach of all but the most die-hard NISSAN “Skyline” GT-R  Enthusiasts; people who would rather go without essentials like shelter, cable TV,  food, beer and pizza… just to own a piece of this authentic JDM goodness.  Actually, chances are if you can afford to own and properly maintain a Nissan GT-R, you’re probably not hurting too badly and wouldn’t even blink at the astounding price tag attached to the meticulously constructed carbon fiber kit, but I digress. In an effort the assist those Nissan GT-R owners on a budget, Tommy Kaira has generously chosen to create various pieces of the Version 2 kit from FRP, as opposed to the more expensive wet/dry carbon fiber pieces that the original Version 1 kit was primarily composed of; How kind and generous indeed…Tommy Kaira,  whose tuning roots go all the way back to 1968, was originally part of the Tomita Dream Factory in Toyota City, Japan.

Tommy Kaira Japan, whose custom automobile styling packages are frequently borrowed to enhance the staple of JDM super cars that appear in video games such as Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, began its foray into the tuning arena way back in 1987 with a very unlikely, non-JDM platform, a Mercedes-Benz 190E dubbed the “Tommy Kaira M19”, subsequently focusing on projects a little closer to home exclusively working on automobiles manufactured in Japan, from such power houses as Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.

Tommy Kaira as a company focuses on providing extensive mechanical and visual improvements to its project cars, ultimately rebadging the cars as their own after the style of many German manufacturers such as AMG, Dinan, Ruf and Gemballa, and gaining recognition as its own unique brand. The name “Tommy Kaira” is synonymous with beauty, performance and style in the JDM tuning world. Apparently buisness is good for Tommy Kaira, very good. Long live the Godzilla GT-R, king of the Japanese supercars!


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