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Cars and Coffee: An Eclectic Mix of True Car Culture around the World

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In a recent Nascar broadcast a Cars and Coffee show in Irvin, CA was portrayed. As you can see from the videos (below after the jump) the Cars and Coffee show has hundreds of true car enthusiasts in attendance. They are not there to get an award and they do not have to worry about registering for an event. They just hop in their pride and joy sitting in the garage and drive it down to the location designated for the local Cars and Coffee meet.

Cars and Coffee events have popped up all over the world and have caught on in many locations including the home of Automotive Addicts, Jacksonville, Florida. The Cars and Coffee idea seems to have really taken off in several other locations ranging from Irvine, CA – Jacksonville, FLOrlando, FLLas Vegas, NVMinneapolis, MN – Germany – The Netherlands and many many more locations around the world. Although it is said there is no “official” person or group that started idea of Cars and Coffee, some will claim that they where the “ONE” to spark the idea in a particular area. Either way, someone in each area was bold enough to spread “the word” so that they could reach hundreds of local gear heads to meet up at a particular location for a “free car show”.

More info and videos after the jump…

Below are a few videos of the Cars and Coffee shows that take place around the world. Many of them are not even called “Cars and Coffee” for name licensing purposes but they all share the same concept. Enjoy!


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