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Mini E Emerges Popular in America

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It is pretty much guaranteed that the Mini E would be a huge hit when gas prices reach $4 a gallon or more in America. But during the low prices the Mini E seems to still be a popular subject while being an all electric vehicle with a range of only 120 miles per charge.

The demand for the Mini E is about 4 to 1 so they cannot supply enough for every person who really wants one. They are currently being leased out for about $850 a month but the savings will actually come into play after you add in a few years absent of paying for gas for the miles driven.

BMW has plans to lease out 250 in SoCal and another 200 in NY and New Jersey by March. This is a good time to monitor the lithium-ion battery for future electric vehicles. Now only if Apple Computer could make a car like they do brand new 17 inch Macbook Pro’s that last 8 hours… just boost that power and put it in a car. I am sure it not that simple but nonetheless an idea to submit to Steve Jobs since he will remain CEO for a while longer.



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