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Video: Lamborghini Gallardo Destroyed In Protest of Bad Service

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I know from a personal perspective I have had my fair share of bad service from various local dealerships. Some of my bad experiences have even required that I take up my issues with the service manager because they simply failed to repair my car properly leaving me stranded on the side of the road. When it comes to exotic cars such as a Lamborghini Gallardo I guess the owner becomes a bit too sensitive, or not, when it comes to having it repaired in China.

Simply put, a disgruntle owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo in China took his car in to get it fixed but it was returned to him with the same issue unrepaired. The owner later attempted to make amends with the dealership but was not successful. The owner later reached out to Lamborghini headquarters but his efforts did not resolve the situation. After all of the hoops he was sent through, the owner became spiteful and decided to have the car destroyed in public as shown in the video below. He believes luxury brands are exploiting China and not delivering the same quality service as they do in other countries.


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