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Hyundai Assures You Of A Trade In Value

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The 2012 Hyundai Veloster. Image: Hyundai Motor America

When it comes to automakers who think outside of the box, it’s tough to beat Hyundai. Their “Hyundai Assurance” program began by offering buyers a 10 year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, removing any concerns potential buyers may have had over Hyundai’s durability. Next, their Assurace program addressed the economic meltdown by (temporarily) offering to take back cars, with no financial or credit penalty, in the event of job loss. Next up for Hyundai? Their Assurance program will now guarantee a trade-in value on your new Hyundai (purchased after May 1), from months 24 through 48 of your loan. What better way to give buyers peace of mind than by telling them what their car will be worth in two to four years?

Some owners take better care of their vehicles than others, and Hyundai’s Assurance program addresses this. If your car is appraised by the dealership at a higher value than the original quote, you get the higher trade-in amount. If it appraises lower, don’t worry: you’ll still get the guaranteed amount towards the purchase of a new Hyundai.

There’s fine print, to be sure, and the program is pure marketing genius on the part of Hyundai. First, you need to finance all eligible vehicles through Hyundai Credit, ensuring that Hyundai earns interest on your loan, not some other financial institution. Next, and perhaps most obvious, you need to trade your Hyundai in on another Hyundai, so you can’t just sell your car back to the dealership and buy another brand. Here’s the genius part, though: to be eligible for the program, cars must be serviced at scheduled intervals by an authorized Hyundai dealership. In other words, Hyundai is capturing your business for the car sale, financing and service throughout the first 48 months of ownership. If that’s not genius, then I don’t know what is.


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