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President Obama’s Presidential Limousine: The Beast

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The new “Beast”, what the secret service calls it, is the latest and greatest creation to hit the road made by GM – Cadillac to transport the 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama. If you tuned into one of your local stations or streamed the inauguration on Tuesday then you know that this new Limousine is not your ordinary vehicle. From some of our photos below you can come to the conclusion from the 5 to 6 inch thick doors, extra thick tires and mammoth size/height of this “Beast” that it is basically a Cadillac-Tank on 4 wheels.

Rumors will tell us that the new Presidential Limo has it’s own ventilation system that seals itself from the outside air and has the most technologically advanced communication system found in a street car in the USA. Looking at the size of this vehicle next to a secrete serviceman or a Chevy Tahoe will tell you a little about massive size of this vehicle. The ride height also suggest that this is a very capable vehicle in the need that it has to go off-road to “get out of the line of fire” God forbid. Still, we all have to speculate what this vehicle is really all about or what is found inside of it. One of the images catches a glimpse of some type of LCD screen mounted low, maybe that is the infamous RED phone.




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