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President Obama sets out to act on Fuel Efficiency Standards

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In our economic downturn you start to see several actions taken by President Obama and that includes the Emissions/fuel economy standards that are placed on automakers. Should it be left to the state to decide and draw the line for their own emissions standards?

Earlier it seemed President Obama would be giving states the right to set their own emissions/fuel economy standards. This has sparked a massive discussion. Today President Obama reaffirmed that he is putting in place the California emissions Clean Air act to tighten the air quality standards related to the emissions that cars produce. Regardless of what California does, it was said by President Obama that by the year 2020 all vehicles produced will meet or exceed 35 miles per gallon for cars and 22 mpg for trucks. He went on to say that this will equal a savings of about 2 million barrels of oil a day which is the amount that the USA imports from the Persian Gulf.

I guess that talk about Change was not a lie. He is really CHANGING stuff for the better right?
Do you think this will be devastating to the already struggling Automotive Industry?

The extensive details on the plan can be read at’s money site.


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