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BMW Concept Scribble Video – Is This The New 5-Series GT?

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This makes you start to really think how BMW designs their cars. Why do they use those silly round headlights with halos around them? Why do they have well balanced vehicles with rear wheel drive? What if they had to design a car to “appeal” to certain customers or circumstances? Hmm, what if.

This new BMW video draws speculation of the upcoming BMW V5 PAS (BMW 5-Series GT Concept). From the subtle suggestions of new features being transferred to a “car” with more legroom, truck room and headroom complete with a panoramic roof. New storage area features that are revolutionary and “ingenious”… that’s what it is all about.

Below we have included the first video of a series presenting a revolutionary concept by BMW. Innovative space concepts, premium comfort. It is not a sedan, no SUV and no station-wagon, but 100% BMW.

We thought this was interesting enough to post leading up to the silly Superbowl Commercials this weekend. At least they didn’t pay millions of dollars to air this one. Thank God! Enjoy!

[source: BMWwebTV]

Video below after the break…


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