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Up Close And Personal With A Viscious Supra

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I’ll apologize in advance that the video below isn’t exactly fresh off the shelf. It’s been around for a while, as has Tyler Flont’s 1993 Toyota Supra, but that doesn’t make the car any less remarkable. Consider the numbers for a minute: a stock 1993 Supra made 320 horsepower, and Tyler’s car can make as much as 1,181 horsepower, on race gas, at the wheels. He runs up to 40 psi of boost, and uses a redline of 9,000 RPM when he’s running on full-on, 118 octane race gas. Damn.

In street tune, the car still makes over 1,000 horsepower (1,042, if you want to be academic), and Tyler shifts at a more conservative 7,600 rpm. To ensure that the engine holds together under such a dramatic increase in horsepower, it’s been completely rebuilt with the best components available. The original block was bored and polished, then Tyler fitted oversize CP pistons attached to Carillo H-Beam rods. The valves, from Crower, are 1 mm larger than stock and utilize Crower valve springs and retainers. Cams come from GSC, and enormous turbo is an SP81 from Sound Performance. The engine breathes through a custom cold air intake, and the turbo inlet pipe is, in the words of Matt Farah, “the size of a chimney.”

Maybe the most amazing thing about the build is that Tyler started with one clapped-out Supra. Engine and transmission had been abused for years, and the motor crank-locked shortly after Tyler purchased the car. An electrical short in the audio system almost set it on fire, and even the brakes failed at one point. It would have been easier and cheaper to walk away from the car, but Tyler stuck with it, producing the end result in the video below.

I say end result, but a car like this is never really finished. We’re in awe of enthusiasts who can stick to a project like this and pour heart, soul and bank account into it with no regrets.


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