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Noise Pollution At Its Best: Ferrari 599XX In Action Video

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When I was a kid, I honestly believed that the sound from an exhaust of a Ferrari was nothing special until I heard one with my own ears. I will never forget it. It was a sunny afternoon in downtown Chicago right after a few of the Chicago Bears left the practice field. One of the players was so kind to fly past us in his red Ferrari Testarossa. It was all over, I was in love, not with what seemed to be a NFL football player but the car he was driving.

Today that passion gets stirred up in me every time I am in the presence of a Ferrari no matter the model as long as it is real. The Ferrari 599XX, a 720 horsepower hard-core re-worked track version of the 599GTB, is a prime example of a machine that is able to produce the branded Ferrari sound that so many car enthusiasts crave. To help you understand my heart-felt love, we are sharing an exclusive video of several Ferrari 599XX’s making their way around the Spa Francorchamps circuit during a recent Ferrari event. The sound is just intoxicating. Be sure to turn up your speakers and enjoy the video below!

[Sources: L4P via Youtube]


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