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Video: We Wonder If THIS Car Ad Will Make Prime Time

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The purpose of a car advertisement is to stir emotion, and to get the watcher aware of a particular product. The best ads convince you that you’re missing something, and that your life won’t be complete until you drive (or better yet, buy) a particular make and model. Based on that criteria, I’d put this ad in the “Top 10 Car Ads Of All Time” category.

We wonder if this is going to make it to prime-time TV, especially here in the Bible Belt. It’s racy, it’s chock full of sexual overtones and there’s cleavage in it, which makes it wholly unsuitable for the sensitive American viewing public. If it featured violence, explosions, death and mayhem, on the other hand, it would be perfectly acceptable family viewing.

We don’t speak Italian, so we have no idea what the actress in the ad is saying. She could be reading the assembly instructions for Ikea furniture, but that wouldn’t change our desire to take the, um, car for a nice, long test drive. Several test drives, as a matter of fact.


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