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Video: “The Driver” Animated Series Second Official Trailer

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All you animated series fans that just happen to be Automotive Addicts, get yourselves ready for a ride. The yet-to-be-released animated series “The Driver” looks to appease and fulfill your appetite for stunning graphics, action packed driving, and some drifting in some of your favorite sports cars and exotics (Nissan GT-R, Nissan 370Z, Toyota AE86, etc). The “Gorillaz-Style” animation and graphics, at first glance, almost appears to be real-life. Attention to detail is the best I have seen in just about any automotive-related video animation.

Currently, we still have limited information on the new series other than the information gathered from the YouTube video’s description reading: “The DRIVER” is an adrenaline-fueled animated title aimed squarely at the car culture and racing enthusiast. The story follows the escapades of a mysterious driver out to rid the streets of Los Angeles of illegal street racers.”

Take out about 3 minutes of your time and play the video below. Already, I am truly intreged by what I am seeing here. How about you?


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