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iPhone, iPhone 3G & 3GS Treadz Case: Trick Out Your iPhone With a Car Tire Case

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The Apple iPhone can do a number of things including take you for a test drive in a new Audi or measure the performance of your vehicle with the G-tac application. Now you can gain some serious traction with your own treadz iPhone case which has an authentic tire tread design (tire tread pattern). This is an ideal must-have item for all automotive enthusiasts or what we like to call them, Automotive Addicts! iFrogs, a innovator of iPhone and iPod cases and accessories, has a few automotive enthusiast items including the Treadz case for your iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS among other automotive-esq add-ons for your favorite ever-so-popular iPod or iPhone device. We loved the treadz design so much we had to get one at a discounted 20% off of the regular price which is still being offered.

Next time you whip out your iPhone to make a call, update your facebook status or just check your email, everyone will know you are an automotive enthusiast because they will think you are playing with a flat tire. Who else would do such a thing?ifrogz-treadz-iphone-3g-case-front-back

Thanks to our network partner for the tip.

Check out some of the images of the newest iPhone Treadz Case from iFrogs.




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