Goodyear Showcases Longer-Lasting ElectricDrive 2 Tires for EVs at CES 2024

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Goodyear is addressing a key challenge for electric vehicles (EVs) with the introduction of its ElectricDrive 2 tires, designed to enhance the durability of tires for EVs. Unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the tires aim to alleviate the wear and tear that EVs experience due to their heavier weight, primarily attributed to the presence of sizable battery packs.

One of the main drawbacks EVs face in comparison to traditional gas-powered vehicles is the reduced lifespan of their tires. Goodyear’s ElectricDrive 2 product aims to extend the tire mileage for electric vehicles, countering the typical need for replacement after 30,000 to 40,000 miles, as stated by Kelley Blue Book. The initial version of these tires came with a promising 60,000-mile warranty, showcasing Goodyear’s commitment to addressing this issue.

Scheduled for commercial availability in North America from May onwards, the ElectricDrive 2 series will encompass 17 different sizes, making it Goodyear’s most extensive line designed specifically for EVs. This diverse range is intended to cater to various vehicle models, including popular ones like the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Chevy Bolt.

Chris Helsel, Chief Technology Officer at Goodyear, revealed that the company is also incorporating sustainable materials into the ElectricDrive 2 tires. This includes the use of soybean oil in tire construction, sustainably sourced natural rubber, and high-quality rice husk ash silica—a byproduct of rice processing. The adoption of such materials aligns with growing environmental concerns within the tire industry, addressing issues related to tire pollution both during their lifespan and at the end of their use.

Notably, Goodyear has been proactive in catering to the EV market, having previously introduced the Urban Max BSA tire line designed specifically for electric buses in June. The company’s dedication to developing innovative and sustainable tire solutions underscores the broader industry’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact while enhancing the performance of electric vehicles.


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