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Tesla Model S Uncovered Images – Sort Of

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The guys at Autopia have a great imagination just as other gear-heads who post off-the-wall automotive stuff online. A new rendering of the Tesla S has taken it to a new level. They have rendered what the Tesla S may actually look like found in their post, “Behold the Tesla Model S“.

They basically took a combination of a few teaser images that have already been circulating over the internet on various automotive sites and automotive blogs. If you ask me, it looks pretty convincing and I am willing to bet the actual Tesla Model S to look very similar to the photoshop job below. Can we call it a photoshop job? Is that still the correct lingo?

As you know from the Tesla Roadster it is a full electric vehicle (EV) pretty much in sports car form and now the new Tesla Model S will be a sedan version of the same technology and components. Way to go Tesla!

Below are the images from Autopia revealing the Tesla Model S, or what they think the Tesla Model S will look like.

tesla-model-s-rendering tesla-model-s-peek tesla-model-s-shadow

[source: – Autopia]


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