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Video: Bugatti Explains The One-Off L’or Blanc

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Without new models in the pipeline, Bugatti has been limited to building even more exotic one-off creations with truly staggering price tags. Take the Bugatti L’or Blanc, for example, which was created in cooperation with the porcelain artisans at Berlin’s Koenigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM). The selling price for this particular work of art ? A reported $2.5 million.

As Motor Authority explains, the car is surfaced in aluminum and carbon fiber, painted to match designs created in the KPM studio. Handcrafted porcelain details (not our first choice for automotive applications) are used throughout, including the EB logo, the fuel filler cap, door handle trim, center console tray and the rear bulkhead. The material has been tested to withstand the type of rigors encountered on the road, but we still don’t see a porcelain ornament withstanding a 200 mph stone impact.

The car marks the start of a partnership between Bugatti and KPM, so expect future models to sport such fine art ceramic detailing as well. As for us, we’d be happy to pay less money to get exterior trim that’s a bit more durable and less expensive to replace.


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