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College Design Student Envisions Extreme Lamborghini Supercar to Compete with Veyron SS

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When sheer entertainment design and functionality clash, you get a student at the Art Center College of Design dreaming up a Lamborghini supercar that would compete with the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport if such a thing was ever conceived.

What may be considered to be a little over the top, is a concept sketch envisioned by the Art College student Ondrej Jirec, his Lamborghini Perdigón. The futuristic exterior features an aerodynamic design, panoramic glass roof, vertical rear fin, high center-mounted exhaust and a center-mounted air intake to complement.

The interior design looks like something taken from the Hollywood Star Trek film reels. The flat-bottom steering wheel with an integrated display highlights a driver-focused cockpit.

Of course this envisioned concept remains on paper but it may give inspiration for future development brass at Lamborghini if they are really knocked off of their socks with such an extreme design. What do you think? A little too much or just right?

[sources: Car Body Design via Worldcarfans]


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