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Pagani Zonda R Official Commercial Trailer – Video

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I’m wondering something and maybe you can help me understand this. When a new car is released usually the manufacturer will promote it through commercials, press releases and other various media provided that this car really needs to sell. Now, what about a vehicle that is in limited production. When I say limited I mean only a handful of people on this earth will get to enjoy ownership of such a vehicle. That’s where I am left in the dark with all of the hype and media covering the new Pagani Zonda R. Sure it is a freaking awesome car but why is it some kind of new video or new images on this thing almost every week as if it is the new Toyota Camry or something?

Oh well, I actually enjoy the new media but don’t tell anyone that I am a sucker for supercars. I guess that is why I found myself on viewing the latest Pagani Zonda R Official Commercial Trailer Video. Here it is (the video) below after the jump… take it for what it is and enjoy it!


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