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New Introduction: Hyundai Will Introduce An Eight-Speed Transmission

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Wow, Hyundai is becoming more like Lexus, Benz, BMW and the other luxury auto makers especially when they are set to release a new fuel-smart 8-speed transmission in 2010. This new transmission is supposed to greatly improve fuel economy according to Hyundai.

The only other automakers offering such a transmission remains to be Lexus where BMW has plans to introduce one within the next two years. This is also a step towards meeting strict fuel economy guidelines in the years to come. Why not stay ahead of the game, that’s exactly what Lexus did and look at their prestigious record and reputation in the automotive world.

More than likely the new Hyundai Genesis

sedan will get this new 8-speed transmission. If it is any other Hyundai or newly introduced Hyundai then we want to know about it!


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