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Lana Del Rey Has A Burning Desire For The Jaguar F-Type: Video

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Jaguar's F-Type roadster

Jaguar’s F-Type roadster

To be honest, we have no idea who Lana Del Rey is, other than “some British singer.” While there’s no denying that she’s easy on the eyes, so is the upcoming Jaguar F-Type roadster. To promote the car, Jaguar is tying into Del Rey’s latest video, which is big on heavy breathing and sex appeal.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but let’s be clear on one point: a truly remarkable sports car will sell itself. If the F-Type is as good as Jaguar claims it is, then all the sexed-up music videos in the world won’t sell one additional car. If it isn’t above the competition, especially at the price Jaguar is asking, then all the steamy videos in the world won’t help move inventory.

While we’ve yet to climb behind the wheel of the F-Type, we can’t help question the logic of Jaguar’s pricing. The base model, with a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6, starts at $69,875 including destination charge. Opt for the mid-range F-Type S, which uses the same engine but gets a 40 horsepower bump (to 380 hp), and the base price is $81,875. If only the fastest model will do, expect to pay at least $92,875 for the supercharged F-Type V8 S, which makes 495 horsepower.

Whether Jaguar likes it or not, the F-Type will be shopped against the less-powerful (but beautifully balanced) Porsche Boxster and Boxster S. The Boxster, which only makes 265 horsepower from its normally-aspirated flat-six engine, starts at just $50,450, while the faster Boxster S (which makes 315 hp) is priced from $61,850.

That makes the Boxster S more than $8,000 less expensive than the base Jaguar F-Type. Will the car’s pricing prove to be overly ambitious, or right on the money? Will Lana Del Rey help sell the F-Type to the affluent and fashionable crowd? Will the F-Type help boost Lana Del Rey’s career? Why is a woman, dressed in orange, walking a tiger in the city?

We can’t answer any of those questions, but we’re just as curious as you are.


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