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1977 Datsun 280Z – The “Green Meany”

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Back in the 70’s a “green” vehicle was nothing more than a car with green paint and not today’s conception of some type of hybrid or electric vehicle. If you are old enough to remember the infamous Z car, not the 300zx, 350z or newest 370Z, I’m talking about the Datsun 280Z, then you will really appreciate this as a true classic sports car. The old S30 chassis code, fastback sports car that was way ahead of its time.

Today, the 280Z is a head turner among most car enthusiasts even if they were not alive back in the 70’s. The heritage and roots of today’s non-American and American supercars started with vehicles like the 280Z.

Demonstrated in this article is the “Green Meany” 1977 Datsun 280Z. I am guessing it is called “mean” because of the transplanted upgrades such as the turbo charged inline-6 from a 280zx, JE pistons, stock forged rods and crank and a three-angle valve job. But it does not stop there. You can read more in-depth about this old-school beast at


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