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2015 Toyota Supra Concept Rendering Emerges to Stir Rumors… Again

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If you were a betting person spending your hard earned money on the idea that we would have seen a ‘NEW’ Toyota Supra by now, you would be homeless and seriously in debt. We lost count on how many times the ‘return of the Supra’ rumor mill has spun a bearing ending in fumes of smoke as we are let down time after time. Somehow the internet has, once again, repaired that Supra rumor mill to spin once again this time claiming that the new Toyota Supra will be based off of the Lexus LF-LC Concept.


Our friends at BoldRide posted these “details” just recently and we wanted to share them with the world just because we can. They say it is supposed to be a 500+ horsepower hybrid with LED headlights and a cool-factor out of this world. Yup!

That poor Supra rumor mill… one day it will cease to exist and we can only hope that the day comes soon.

With new reports of an upgraded Toyota Supra, together with Hansen Art, we give you an exclusive look at just what the all-new sportscar might entail.

Based off the Lexus LF-LC concept, the new and improved Supra is expected to come with an aggressive, open front end, paired to a set of handsome LED headlights and a long, swooping hood. Side features will include a sharp new set of wheels and an angular air intake.

In the back, we see many signature features found on the classic supra. The over-the-top rear spoiler accented by a set of infamous quad rounded taillights. All this paired to a dual exhaust.

Expect more official details on the return of the Supra to be announced at a later date.


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