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The Best Vehicles For Winter

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With one of the largest snowstorms having already dumped three feet of snow onto the Great Plains state, PBS estimates we will have a particularly long and snowy winter (1). Whether you are used to the heaviest of drifts or need something for a first winter driving experience, several cars and trucks top the list of the best cold-weather vehicles.

Cadillac XTS 4

Photo by That Hartford Guy via Flickr

Anyone who has driven a Cadillac before knows that it takes a lot of power to keep it from going forward. When the snows become deep and you want to be sure you can get from the garage onto the street, the XTS 4 may be the best tool in your arsenal. Mother Nature Network reported that the XTS had excellent road handling in cold, wet weather to go along with its traction control and safety rating. The bad news is that the power does not come cheap, since the introductory price of $65,000 goes higher when you realize it boasts a pitiful twenty miles per gallon gas efficiency.

Suzuki SX4 Crossover

Photo by Clement Bucco-Lechat via Wikimedia Commons

All-wheel drive has become standard on so many vehicles that when you look for a winter car you may not even think twice about it. What separates the SX4 from other all-wheel drive SUVs, according to Ask Men, is the three different modes of all-wheel drive that let you escape from drifts and ice buildup alike. One of the cheaper light SUVs on the market, a basic SX4 retails for only $15,000. If you are in need of an auto loan and thinking about purchasing a light SUV, you can get a leg up by using DriveTime’s vehicle financing services to purchase a winter car on credit before the snows start to fall. By getting financing, you can prepare for winter with a low-stance vehicle that fears no snow buildup.

Range Rover HSE

Photo by Delta 51 via Wikimedia Commons

When you want to cruise to the ski resort in style, you may need to look far and wide to find a luxury vehicle capable of handling mountain drifts. The HSE can do that and more, featuring a 20 inch wheels and no less than 510 horsepower in the V8 engine for $60,500. MSN Autos mentions that the HSE’s supercharger makes it great for getting through high mountain valleys, since the engine gets the necessary oxygen that high altitude robs from other cars.

Ford F-150

Photo by IFCAR via Wikimedia Commons

One of the standards of all-weather vehicles, the Ford F-150, starting at $23,500, has been the best selling pickup truck in America for many years running for a reason. The 4-by-4 frame can take a beating, while the 160-inch wheelbase can climb over any obstacle that winter has tossed onto the roads. The 5,000 pounds towing capacity, meanwhile, gets you out of tight situations whenever the snow clouds start to amass.


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