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Life With Le Mans’ Vehicles on Public Roads: Video

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Who says a racecar’s authentic livery can only thrive on a racetrack? Sure, there are many sports cars and exotics claiming to be race cars we see on public roads day in and day out. But, when it comes to an actual race car that we have only seen make rounds of world-famous tracks creep up on a local public road, something magical happens. I cannot explain the awesomeness in seeing the Jaguar XJ220C that competed at Le Mans in 1993 and 1995 rolling down a public road, let alone a Porsche 962C and Mazda 787B.

The Mazda 787B was one of four 787Bs to compete at Le Mans where one became the first and only Japanese car to ever win the race. The Porsche 962C seen in the video below is technically a replica but started off as one of six cars built by former Porsche factory driver Vern Schuppan in 1991 and then later converted into a Le Mans-spec vehicle. You must check out the video below and partake in the awesomeness.

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