Bugatti’s First Le Mans Race Car Celebrated in Hommage T50S Sur Mesure Chiron Super Sport

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Bugatti’s homage to its racing heritage comes to life in the form of the Hommage T50S, a bespoke Chiron Super Sport crafted by the Sur Mesure department. This exceptional creation draws inspiration from Bugatti’s inaugural entry into the Le Mans race, the iconic Type 50S.

In 1931, the Type 50S made its Le Mans debut, marking a significant moment for Bugatti. Unlike its predecessors like the nimble Type 35, the Type 50S represented a pinnacle in Bugatti’s pursuit of powerful, large-engined vehicles. With its 5.0-liter supercharged eight-cylinder engine, boasting an impressive 247 horsepower, the Type 50S was a marvel of engineering for its time. It marked Bugatti’s first foray into dual overhead camshafts, enhancing its performance and setting it apart as a serious contender on the racetrack.

The Hommage T50S pays homage to this historic racer with meticulous attention to detail. From the sleek black exterior adorned with ‘5’ racing numbers to the intricate engine-turned pattern in the engine bay, every aspect of the vehicle reflects the spirit of the Type 50S. The inclusion of subtle references like the depiction of Circuit de la Sarthe and the ‘Le Mans 1931’ script further emphasizes the connection to Bugatti’s racing legacy.

Inside, the elegance continues with black leather upholstery contrasted by white diamond stitching, reminiscent of the luxury and performance fusion embodied by the Type 50S. Aluminum and Perlee inlays add a touch of sophistication to the interior, completing the tribute to Bugatti’s heritage.

The story behind the Type 50S adds depth to the Hommage T50S. Despite not achieving victory at Le Mans, the Type 50S remains a significant part of Bugatti’s motorsport history. Its legacy lives on through vehicles like the Hommage T50S, which celebrate the innovation, craftsmanship, and racing spirit that define the Bugatti brand.


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