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The Return is Coming – Toyota FT-1 Concept Behind The Scenes: Video

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For me it is a heart-felt passion that is reignited when I see a video like this one below. The Motor Trend Downshift episode featured here goes behind the scenes for the design and inspiration of the Toyota FT-1 Concept sports car, which debuted at the 2014 North American International Auto Show yesterday in Detroit mesmerizing everyone on the floor.

Most automotive enthusiasts can recall vehicles like the Toyota Supra but may not truly captivate the lineage that such a vehicle represents, which is delightfully showcased in the new FT-1 Concept. I always wanted to be a car designer in some capacity but I took the next best thing. So, when I hear the words iterated from the designers at Toyota’s Calty Design Research center in this video, I feel a close tie with their sentiments.

For obvious reasons, it is long past due that Toyota brand a sports car to fill the gap created by the Lexus LFA down to the Scion FR-S. It is time that true sports car wear the Toyota badge and take that tradition of building a proper road-going sports car and set things a-fire in the enthusiast community. Remember the Toyota 2000GT, the Celica, the MR2, and of course the Supra? Enthusiasts await ‘the return’ and by the talk of individuals in the video below, this vehicle is going to happen! Yes, Toyota is going to build something based off of the FT-1 concept. It may not be as aggressive and extreme, but the time when we can put those ‘return of the Supra’ rumors to bed is about to take place. Just listen to the subtle cues in the video. Yes, you will hear it.



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