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EmpireCovers American Armor Cover

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If the old saying holds true, then the car sitting in your driveway represents the second largest investment that you have made. There are a few numbers floating around the Internet, but most experts seem to agree that the average car payment is somewhere around $400-$500 a month. A good visual for me is 80-100 Subway $5 Foot Long Spicy Italian sandwiches. That is a lot of bread!

Good car owners follow maintenance schedules; wash and wax the car regularly, vacuum the carpet periodically, and clean and treat the seats when needed. In most cases, the closer someone follows that routine, the longer the trouble free life of the vehicle is.


If you are fortunate enough to be able to keep your car stored in a climate-controlled garage, even better. However, for many of us garage parking is a reality we may never know. That does not mean we cannot protect our vehicle from the elements, thankfully a high quality fitted cover can almost equal the protection of a garage. Even if you store your ride in the garage, a quality cover can keep it free from dust and prevent scratches.

Not all car covers are equal.



There are budget covers that you can purchase at box stores that will offer some protection. Many of them actually work pretty well for a short period. Unfortunately, like a lot of things, you get what you pay for and a $30 cover often begins to break down within weeks of use (I know firsthand) and the temptation is to buy another $30 cover to replace it. Eventually you just give up and leave the car uncovered altogether.

A high quality cover on the other hand, one with a 10-year warranty, can last the life of your car. EmpireCoversAmerican Armor cover, made with 100% water and UV proof DuPont Tyvek (the same stuff we wrap houses with), is one of those covers.


I ordered one for my 1971 Datsun 240z, which typically lives in the garage, to keep her dry and protected from UV light when I have to park her in the driveway or at a friend’s house. I also like to leave my Z covered in the garage when she is hanging out between cruise nights and car shows.


The EmpireCovers’ American Armor car cover was an easy choice. Made in the USA, the Tyvek outer layer is backed by a soft micro-fiber lining that won’t mark or scratch the car’s paint. The material EmpireCovers uses is softer than the towels that I use to wax the car. The cover is also very breathable, which is important for the prevention of mildew and mold. If you’ve ever covered a boat with a nylon tarp and left it for a few days, you know what I’m talking about.



The cover shipped with a nice mesh storage bag and three bungee cords and clips to help it stay in place, even under strong winds. Indeed, the first time I covered my car the wind was whipping and the straps held the cover in place perfectly.


The cover is a bit generic fitting, but a 100% fitted cover of this quality is beyond my price range.


Time will tell how the cover holds up, and I plan to revisit this post in a few months with an update, but I really like what I see. More importantly, I feel I could comfortably recommend EmpireCovers, and specifically the American Armor Cover, to a friend.



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