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The Ferrari 330 P4: One of the Greatest Race Cars of All Time

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“Just jump in and drive.” That is the sentiment you get with most mainstream vehicles now days due to all of the electronic nannies keeping you on “track”, even with some high-powered sports cars. Going back over 40 years to vehicles like the famous yet ultra-rare Ferrari 330 P4, enthusiasts are limited to their dreams in experiencing such a vehicle behind the wheel. In the video posted below from our friends at Petrolicious, Nick Longhi, Grand-Am race engineer and Ferrari instructor, gives us the full scoop of the P4 and its embodiment in the era of racing – racing without today’s advanced gadgetry. Not only that, but Nick attempts to share the passion of racing in one of the most beautiful race cars to enter into endurance racing. Check it below and get yourself a nice history lesson and a sensual ear-full of intoxicating sound. Enjoy!


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