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Motor Trend World’s Fastest Car Show Gets Behind Wheel of 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: Video

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Yeah, we know, everyone and everyone’s mother is talking about the all-new Challenger Hellcat. Okay, maybe your mom isn’t talking about it… yet. That’s because she hasn’t been scared to death by riding in the 707-horsepower monster that has sparked serious debates through our journalistic brethren automotive sources about the ability to “use” 707-horsepower through the Challenger chassis. Motor Trend was bound to release a review video with someone behind the wheel of the all-new Hellcat, and here it is in its full 707-horsepower glory.

Now the question remains, could you handle 707 ponies in the Challenger. Justin Bell gives it a try in the video below. The name has never been so relevant, because it is a ‘challenge’ to lay all that power to the ground. Enjoy the video!


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