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Now this is a MMMM6 Dinan style 

 Stock M6

  • Starting at $101,700 MSRP
  • 5.0-liter, V-10 engine
  • 500 horsepower
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • 17 mpg hwy*


High performance from high-speed engines: that’s the philosophy of BMW M. This compact, high-revving, V-10 power unit develops enormous thrust and muscle that’s always on tap. At 5.0 liters of displacement and 500 horsepower, the V-10 produces 100 horsepower per liter – a remarkable feat for a naturally aspirated production engine. And its power-to-weight ratio of one horsepower per each eight pounds is a figure more representative of a racecar than one you’d have in your driveway.

 What you get from Dinan 


We could imagine getting only the suspension upgrades plus wheels and tires for a little more than 9 G’s but who needs 628 hp anyway? Well, everybody who like having more than everyone else and it’s nice to have the option.


 In order to handle the extra horsepower and torque, Dinan added his own forged crank and lightweight forged pistons and connecting rods, then balanced and blueprinted the whole thing and managed it with matching electronics and software. With a forty grand price tag, is in no way cheap, but it gets you 128 more horses.

Steve Dinan, on the other hand, has a 30-year history of making extremely fast BMWs for those who can afford it, cars smooth enough for grocery runs yet track-day ready if needed. Dinan’s latest work, a 628-bhp 5.6-liter upgrade of the V-10-powered M6,  through the quarter mile in a magma-hot 11.9 seconds at 124.8 mph, circles our skidpad at 0.94g and comes to a dead stop from 80 mph in 194 ft. (the same numbers for a stock M6 are 12.4 at 118.1, 0.88 and 209). A 3.8-sec. romp to 60 mph, indulging some in wheel spin romping, will see you head to head with a certain thoroughbred horse, the F430. And yes you can race a 911 GT2 to 120 mph? A dead heat at 10.9 sec. 

“BMW has a recommended break-in procedure of 1,200 miles that is you have to keep the speed under control through the break-in period,” said Dinan. “I don’t think I could control myself for that long.”


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